How Do You Register a Trademark?

Register a mark by filing an online application on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, paying a corresponding fee and working with a designated USPTO examining lawyer. Approved trademarks are printed in the Official Gazette, which is a weekly publication of the USPTO, notes its website.

A trademark provides legal protection for a symbol or text typically used for commercial purposes in identifying or promoting goods and services. For the reason that not all marks are capable of being registered with the USPTO or qualified for lawful protection, it is essential for applicants to devote time and careful consideration into the mark's design and format. The trademark application process requires several steps to complete.

  1. Search the USPTO database for similar marks
  2. Perform a clearance check using the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System. Ensure that there are no pre-existing trademarks that closely resemble the mark to be registered.

  3. File an online application
  4. Apply for a trademark via the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Application system. Pay the processing fee, which costs between $275 to $325, as of 2015, notes The Wall Street Journal.

  5. Maintain correspondence with an assigned USPTO examining attorney
  6. Monitor the progress of the application by keeping in touch with the USPTO examining lawyer.

The entire trademark application process typically runs for several months. Based on the merits of the application, it can either be approved or rejected by the USPTO. For denied applications, the USPTO reserves the right to completely terminate the request once the applicant's response fails to resolve all objections.