How Do You Register a Prepaid Card?


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A prepaid card can be registered in a variety of ways based on the provider of the card and how the card is issued or purchased. Many prepaid cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express are automatically activated for immediate use at the time of purchase, but some cards require the recipient to register the card by calling the issuer or by following the provided registration instructions on the card.

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Prepaid cards are typically easier to obtain than debit or credit cards as they often require no credit check or minimum balance. Visa, MasterCard and American Express prepaid cards can be used in all locations that normally accept these types of cards. MasterCard and American Express provide multiple options for adding money to prepaid cards including direct deposit and instant transfers from bank accounts. American Express allows a prepaid card user to reload a card at a cash register by providing the cashier with the card and the amount of cash to be added. Though many prepaid cards share common features with debit and credit cards, some cards are restricted from being reloaded with funds. Additionally, some cards are ineligible for use with ATMs or direct funds transfers from bank accounts.

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