How Do You Register for Obamacare?

How Do You Register for Obamacare?

To apply for Obamacare, set up an account, provide your personal information, select a plan and enroll. You must live in the United States or be an American citizen to qualify for Obamacare.

  1. Set up an account

    Choose your location, and fill out the online application form at You must choose a username, password and security question. Visit your state’s Medicaid offices for assistance if you are unsure on how to correctly fill out the form. The application form can also be mailed to your home.

  2. Apply for Obamacare

    Provide basic personal information such as your name, address, number of dependants and place of employment. Provide information about your existing health insurance, if applicable. Enter your household income and family size. Review the information thoroughly to ensure it is accurate.

  3. Select a health care plan

    Based on the information you provided, a list of plans you're eligible for appears on the screen. Review each plan, and choose one based on the premiums and your family's needs.

  4. Enroll for Obamacare

    Complete the enrollment process for the plan you choose. Wait for a confirmation to signal the commencement of your coverage. Visit the Contact Us page on if you have questions or need additional information about your plan before completing the enrollment process.