How Do You Register Your MAPCO Rewards?

Register a MAPCO rewards card on MAPCO's MY Rewards website or at an in-store kiosk. Both forms of registration involve creating a PIN code and submitting personal information such as a name and address to MAPCO. If neither in-store nor online options are convenient, call MAPCO customer service to register the rewards card over the telephone.

Registration is not mandatory, and unregistered members still receive discounts on in-store products and gasoline. MAPCO strongly recommends that all members register their cards for additional benefits. Unregistered cards cannot be recovered if lost or stolen, and any points accrued on an unregistered card are permanently lost as a result.

MAPCO MY Rewards members receive 10 points per dollar spent on in-store merchandise and five points per dollar spent on gasoline. Not all items are eligible to earn points. Alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, money orders and other legally restricted items do not count towards point totals. In-store restaurant orders and gift card purchases do not accrue points.

Discounts and special offers earned with points vary between MAPCO locations. This is due to varying state laws, as not all states allow stores to discount gasoline purchases. Check with a local MAPCO location to confirm the availability of rewards discounts.