How Do You Register Garmin Products?

How Do You Register Garmin Products?

To register your Garmin product as of 2015, visit the Product Registration page on the official Garmin website. Determine what category your Garmin product falls into.

  1. Go to the official Garmin website

    Click on the Support tab, located near the upper right-hand corner under the site search bar. Under the heading "I'm looking for...", click Product Registration. Click on Register a Device.

  2. Determine your product type

    Determine your product type. There are seven product types: Automotive, Sports & Fitness, Outdoor & Dogs, Track & Locate, Marine, Aviation and Phones. Click on the tab that corresponds to your device category. If your Garmin product type is Automotive, a prompt appears to install and run Garmin Express, which is a desktop application that helps you to register and manage your device. If your device falls into one of the other categories, you are prompted to create an account or sign in before you register your product.

  3. Register your Garmin Product

    Create an account with Garmin, or sign in with your existing account. Have the serial number of the product you are registering ready. If a USB cable was provided with your device, connect your device to the computer when prompted. You may also be able to use the Garmin Communicator Plug-In, which is installed during the registration process. Follow all the on-screen prompts to register your Garmin product successfully.