How Do You Register a Company?

How Do You Register a Company?

Register a company by, firstly, determining its business structure as this determines the registration process. Regardless of structure, you must register your company name with your state and obtain a federal tax ID. Lastly, register your business with the state revenue office, and obtain necessary permits.

  1. Determine business structure

    The registration process for a company differs based upon its structure. For example, corporations, LLCs and non-profit businesses must file specific documents with their state government while sole-proprietorship businesses do not need to register with the state.

  2. Register with your state government

    If required by your company structure, register your business with your Secretary of State office. Be prepared to provide business documentation and payment for registration fees.

  3. Create and register the company name

    Regardless of company structure, every business must have its name registered with the state's Secretary of State office. The process and requirements vary based upon state laws.

  4. Obtain an Employer Identification Number

    If your company has employees, operates as a partnership or corporation, you are required to obtain an EIN from the IRS. You may obtain an EIN online, by fax or via USPS mail.

  5. Register with state revenue and tax agencies

    Before starting operation, register your company with the state revenue office and tax agency. Revenue and tax permit regulations differ by state. Therefore, contact your Secretary of State office for registration requirements.

  6. Apply for required permits or licenses

    Most businesses require a permit or license to legally conduct business. Contact your state board of professional licensing to determine what, if any, permits or licenses are required.