How Do You Register for an Air Miles Program?


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You can register for air miles programs online via a frequent flyer website, at the airport while traveling, by phoning an airline office or by submitting a registration form through the mail, reports How Stuff Works. Due to the number of available air miles programs, you should consider quality ratings, convenience, destinations of participating airlines, and opportunities to accumulate points and miles through non-airline purchases. You should also evaluate negative program factors, such as fees, seat availability and blackout dates.

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Sometimes smaller airlines have good air miles programs because they ally themselves with larger partners, points out CNN Travel. Additionally, airlines often partner with hotels, car rental agencies and retailers that offer a variety of places where you can redeem your air miles and program points, explains How Stuff Works. However, it's important to read the fine print on the enrollment form to ensure you understand all the terms and conditions of the program. For instance, passengers using air miles are subject to any regulations and restrictions the airlines impose. Although some airlines advertise fee-free programs, there are often hidden costs.

Once you enroll in an air miles program, you should make an effort to do business with program partners to accumulate more points, suggests About.com. Miles and points expire after a stipulated time, so make sure you redeem them before their expiration dates. Within the program, you should compare flight costs to use your reward mileage most efficiently.

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