How Do You Refinance Through James B. Nutter and Co.?


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To refinance through James B. Nutter and Company, visit the financial institution's website at JamesBNutter.com. Select Purchase/Refinance Options from the menu, then choose No Closing Cost Refinancing. Click the Apply Now button to complete an application to refinance.

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James B. Nutter and Company offers refinancing options that allow a borrower to lower his monthly housing payment and interest rate. With these programs, borrowers are not responsible for paying any closing costs, reports the lender. James B. Nutter transfers the borrower's tax and escrow account so the borrower does not pay escrow costs at closing. The mortgagor does not restrict the number of times a borrower can use its No Cost loan programs. James B. Nutter does not charge broker or administrative fees to borrowers.

James B. Nutter requires borrowers to choose a loan type. The lender offers Federal Housing Adminstration, or FHA, loans, as well as conventional loans. In addition, borrowers can obtain Veterans' Adminstration, United States Department of Agriculture, and HARP 2.0 conventional refinance loans through James B. Nutter. FHA loans require low down payments and feature less stringent underwriting guidelines, explains the James B. Nutter and Company website. These loans also permit a lower income ratio versus the loan value. Borrowers with military service experience are eligible to receive Veterans' Administration, or VA, refinance loans or streamline refinance loans. These loans have flexible credit requirements.

Borrowers without a down payment can consider a United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, loan, according to James B. Nutter and Company. These loans are available to borrowers desiring a loan for a home in a rural area. With a conventional home loan, borrowers can choose between a fixed conforming or adjustable rate mortgage. The simpler documentation required for conventional mortgages allows the loan approval to proceed at a quicker rate.

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