How Do You Refill the Ink on an Xstamper?


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Xstampers are refilled with ink according to the instructions for individual models, and many models require the removal of the handle to reach the ink pad in back of the stamp. Self-inking models such as its hand stamp contain a drawer-like removable ink pad that slides out for ink refills.

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Instructions for re-inking Xstampers are included on packaging or product inserts, and detailed refill instructions for numerous Xstamper models are available in PDF format at the company's website. Xstampers require re-inking only when impressions are consistently light in color. It is highly recommended that Xstamper users refill stamps using Xstamper ink. The company uses a specific ink formulation that works harmoniously with its products, and some stamp ink brands contain gels that are not suitable for use in Xstampers. Switching ink brands can cause stamps to clog and create blurry impressions.

When refilling an Xstamper, users must use the same color of ink and not attempt to refill a black ink pad with red ink. Putting red ink into a black stamp creates a muted mixture of colors and not a true red. Typically, an Xstamper ink pad requires two to six drops of ink to achieve dark impressions, and an instructional diagram is provided to guide users on how to refill the pad. For the highest-quality impressions, users are advised to keep the stamp surface clean of dust.

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