How Do You Reduce Property Taxes?


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To reduce property taxes, look for errors that may inflate the value of your house or check whether similar properties have a lower assessment than yours and file an appeal with the tax assessor, advises Kiplinger. Look for property tax relief and exemptions that apply to your property, and have the assessor credit your property with them.

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Obtain your property record card from the office of the assessor and look for errors such as wrong dimensions and added features that may inflate the value of your property, recommends Kiplinger. Check whether the assessor included defects like cracked walls that lower the value of your property. Property owners who can prove that the report contains erroneous information can get reductions in their tax bills without filing formal appeals.

Alternatively, look for property tax bills for properties of a similar size and age, and check whether you are taxed differently, states Kiplinger. Review how the values of properties in your jurisdiction are assessed and how provisions for depreciation and home replacement costs are incorporated, and challenge the assessment of your property with this research. Check whether the assessor credited your property with tax breaks available in your jurisdiction. Most states offer lower tax rates and exemptions for primary home owners, veterans and senior citizens.

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