How Do You Reduce Debt?


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To reduce debt, consider all obligations, construct a budget and initiate payments accordingly. These steps help reduce debt and the associated interest expenses.

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  1. Consider all your financial obligations

    Debt can include a mortgage, student loans and credit card balances. These different types of debt can be issued from various institutions, making it difficult to keep track of balances and payment progress. Therefore, this information should be organized in a manner that makes it easy to understand. Excel sheets and graphs can be used to summarize the debt data.

  2. Construct a budget

    Projecting income is important when seeking debt reduction. Income and related expenses should be assessed on a periodic basis to determine any available finances that could be used to reduce debt. Actions should then be taken to increase income and reduce costs, if possible. For instance, working overtime to help generate more cash inflow may need to be considered. In addition, cutting out certain utility costs, such as cable, may also be an option. Carpooling can also reduce fuel costs associated with the ownership of an automobile.

  3. Initiate payments accordingly

    Debt should be paid in an order corresponding to associated interest rates. Debt with the highest associated interest rate should be paid first. In addition, a person can consolidate debt to organize payments. This approach involves combining all obligations into one balance and then making an aggregate payment each period.

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