How Does the Recycling Rewards Program Work?

Recyclebank's Recycling Rewards program allows users to earn rewards points for recycling, which they can then redeem for a wide variety of different products and services. After signing up, each participating household receives a 95-gallon wheeled recycling bin with an ID tag linking the bin to the household.

All recyclable material is put into this bin, which is then collected and the ID tag scanned by the local trash company. Each participating household on the company's route is put together into one group, and for each pound of recyclable material collected, all group members receive 2.5 rewards points. Individual households can earn up to 450 rewards points per month and 5,400 points per year.

The points are deposited into each home's Recyclebank account, allowing users to track the number of points they have earned either online or through Recyclebank's Android or iPhone application. The points can then be used in a number of different ways, such as for magazine subscriptions, gift cards, discount coupons and restaurant vouchers. The points can also be used to shop for items such as clothing, groceries, pet items, entertainment and electronics. Participants can also use their points to donate cash to a number of local and national charities.

Founded in 2004, more than 4 million people have signed up for Recyclebank's Recycling Rewards program, as of 2015.