How Do You Recycle Cardboard for Cash?


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The easiest place to recycle cardboard is at a nearby recycling center. Simply bring a collection of used boxes and other scraps to any center.

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How Do You Recycle Cardboard for Cash?
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Typically, recycling centers pay by weight. While the rates vary, they are usually between half a cent and three cents. Make sure to remove any non-cardboard components, such as bubble wrap, before making the trip. Additionally, check if the center has a minimum weight requirement before arriving.

Selling intact boxes, especially large ones, can be a more lucrative option than selling by weight. It is generally easiest to sell these boxes online, either through Craigslist or a number of box buying websites. For example, ContainerExchanger.com and BoxCycle.com buy used boxes. The rates for medium to large sized boxes are usually between 50 cents and $1.50 per box. However, certain specialty boxes such as wardrobe moving boxes can sell for as much as $3 per box.

While selling boxes from a recent move can be a way to earn additional cash, the practice can be turned into a fairly lucrative hobby. Consider collecting boxes from friends, family and local businesses. A local business moving office could yield hundreds or even thousands of boxes that would otherwise be thrown away.

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