How Do You Recharge a Prepaid Card Online?


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An easy and safe way to load a prepaid card is by arranging an online transfer from a bank account. This is a service that most prepaid debit card companies provide, although some cards and banks may charge a fee for such transfers, according to Consumer Reports.

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In addition to online bank transfers, some cards can be reloaded online directly from other credit and debit cards, explains Consumer Reports. Bluebird allows multiple debit cards to be linked, subsequent to verification, to the prepaid debit card so that funds can be transferred between them. Some online payment systems, such as Paypal, can also be set up to transfer funds to debit cards. However, users should be aware of various fees that my be incurred for reloading, as well as for transferring funds, checking balances and for allowing the card to be "dormant" for certain periods of time.

Online reloading services are provided on the individual card service's home page, typically under a menu titled Add Money or similar, which also specifies other reloading methods available. It is important to remember when dealing with financial matters online that there are security risks that could compromise not only your prepaid card, but any bank account or other associated payment service. Consumer Reports notes in 2014 that prepaid cards are not regulated as strictly as standard bank accounts.

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