How Do You Find Recently Sold Homes by ZIP Code?

Online tools for finding homes that have recently sold are available at, and, according to the company websites. Searches for sold homes can be filtered by ZIP code.

The home page has a search box in which a ZIP code is entered. The results show a map of homes in the zip code region, along with a list display that includes photos. Using the listing type menu item, site visitors can click on the Recently Sold option to display sold homes. For easier viewing, users can filter out other homes. Clicking on homes shown on the map or in the list view provides details about the sale, including the date of sale and the selling price.

The site has similar functionality, with a search box on its home page that allows visitors to select Recently Sold from a drop-down box, followed by the ZIP code. The results show sold homes, with photos, in a list format that reveals the selling date and the price. The screen can be toggled to show a map view of recently sold homes.

The site works the same as, with a drop-down box for selecting recently sold homes followed by the ZIP code. A list view is returned with a map-view toggle.