How Do You Receive Stock Quotes?

To receive stock quotes, visit either or the Yahoo Finance website and enter the appropriate ticker symbol. Additional information associated with the stock quote, including interactive charts and key statistics, is also available.

The Yahoo Finance home page has a number of links and headlines related to current stock market data. In addition, the site lists the stock quotes for the three major American indices: the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq. Moreover, visitors can enter a specific company name or quote in the search field to receive a real-time stock quote for a particular company. has a similar search feature but also provides advanced metrics that serve as supplementary to the stock quote. For instance, analysts can use to better understand moving averages and the relative strength index.

Investors can follow stock quotes by the second, notes stocks expert Ken Little for In addition, some of the other stock quotes are listed with information related to year-to-date return as well as high or low values. Dividend, yield, price-to-earnings ratio and volume are other metrics that help assess the financial performance of a given company. In fast moving markets, it is always critical to have access to the most updated stock quotes.