Where Do You Receive Information on Currency Exchange?


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News and business websites that carry information about the foreign currency exchange market include CNBC.com, Money.CNN.com and Reuters.com. In addition MarketWatch.com and DailyFX.com post real-time information on the currency market.

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Where Do You Receive Information on Currency Exchange?
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The currency exchange market is large and volatile, with an average of $1 trillion in daily trading, and its fluctuations have worldwide implications. Researchers, investment houses and governments study it closely.

A currency converter allows a user to find out how much of a target currency she can buy with her in-hand currency. For example, as of June 30, 2015, 10 Euros buys $11.20. This indicates that the dollar is slightly weaker than the Euro.

Currency charts are similar to stock charts in that they track a changing value over time. In this case, the value in question is the relative value or exchange rate of two currencies. In the example cited, charts show that the Euro is weaker relative to the dollar than it was when 10 Euros bought almost $14.

Currency news stories give insight into the broad political and financial underpinnings of money. Traders often base long-term investment decisions on this kind of information. During the 2008 financial crisis, many investors used their U.S. dollars to buy other currencies, especially Euros. By summer of that year, 10 Euros bought $16.

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