How Do You Receive AARP Tax Assistance?

You can receive tax assistance from the AARP if you are a low-to-moderate income taxpayer, reports AARP. You can find your local tax assistance center by using the AARP tax assistance locator through the months of late January through April of each year.

The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is available free to taxpayers who have low income, and special attention is given to those who are 60 years of age or older. There is a center located in every state, including the District of Columbia, says AARP.

The AARP website provides a list of tax paperwork that is needed for those utilizing the taxpayer assistance program. If you use the locator after it closes in April, you can submit questions via a link located on the tax locator page of the AARP website. The tax assistance program is staffed fully by volunteers, and the program is fully backed by the Internal Revenue Service, explains AARP.

If you take advantage of this program, you can also learn more about the Affordable Care Act and how it pertains to your personal taxes. This tax program assists individuals with everyday needs, such as groceries and housing costs, while helping the taxpayer to receive proper deductions and allowances.