What Are Rebar Sizes and Weights?


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Rebar sizes range from #3 to #18 and are equal to the number of 1/8 inches in the diameter of the bar. A #3 rebar is 0.375 inches in diameter and weighs 0.376 pounds per foot. A #18 rebar is 2.257 inches in diameter and weighs 13.6 pounds per foot.

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Under the metric system, rebar sizes range from #10 to #57. A #10 is equivalent to the #3 rebar, and a #57 is equivalent to a #18. Rebar sizing charts are available on websites of some building supply websites, such as Stetson Building Products and United States Concrete.

Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a rod commonly used in construction to reinforce concrete and other masonry. The bars may have ridges to help the concrete bind to the bar. Bars with ridges are called deformed bars. Rebar is used to reinforce structures such as bridge decks and parking garages.

Rebar is made of steel or fiberglass material. Stainless steel or rebar with an epoxy coating are resistant to corrosion and are commonly used in marine structures. Fiberglass is a less corrosive and less expensive alternative to steel rebar.

Rebar is also measured in grades that indicate the strength of the rebar in kilo-pounds per square inch. Common grades are 40, 60 and 75.

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