What Are the Reasons Why You Should Become a Teacher?


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One of the most compelling reasons to become a teacher is to make a difference in the education and lives of students. A prominent community role, reasonable work-life balance and job autonomy are additional reasons. Also, teachers often learn more about their subjects as they teach them.

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Good teachers typically believe in the potential of young students to learn and grow. Developing educated citizens enables teachers to have a positive influence on a community or society's future. Teachers also interact prominently with students, colleagues, parents and other community leaders.

Many people are also drawn to teaching because of the opportunity to spend time with family and to take vacations. While some teachers teach summer school, many have a few months off during summer breaks. Teachers also normally get time off during winter breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, spring breaks and other holidays. The time off allows teachers to take time with family and to engage in personal hobbies. Teachers also have a lot of autonomy in using learning activities in their classrooms.

For people who have a natural desire to be lifelong learners, teaching is a great profession. A person often learns or strengthens knowledge by teaching others. Teachers also have opportunities for professional development.

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