What Are Some Reasons to Register a Cattle Brand in Texas?


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Reasons to register a cattle brand in Texas include allowing other cattle ranchers and officials to identify the owner of the cattle, preventing another ranch from registering a brand that is similar to or the same as another, and creating accountability for the cattle. In some counties, there may also be legal requirements to register a brand with local authorities.

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When a member of a ranch's herd is lost or stolen, the brand allows authorities to establish ownership. Registering the brand with the appropriate departments allows agents to determine the owner by referencing the database, which in turns allows them to contact the owner. Registered brands also include a degree of protection similar to that of a copyright in that other ranches in that area are not able to copy the design, though they can create similar designs. Another benefit of registration is that officials and other ranchers are able to identify the owners of the cattle if they are involved in an accident or property damage, thus assigning responsibility to the appropriate party.

A cattle brand is a unique symbol or series of symbols that a rancher imprints onto her livestock to signify her ownership of them and prevent unlawful theft or reclamation of the herd by other parties. Brands have a long tradition in the cattle and livestock trade, beginning as a physical mark burned into the cattle on a specific location and evolving to include more human tagging options that feature the symbol.

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