What Are Some Reasons to Look for a New Job?


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Positive reasons to look for a new job include a career change, better pay, gaining a full-time position, a new challenge and pursuit of a passion. Less desirable reasons include limited opportunities, downsizing, boredom or job stress. In other cases, life circumstances contribute to a new job search.

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One may achieve upward mobility by getting a higher-ranking job in the same company, or getting a better job in a new company. Often, a promotion comes with better pay. Interns or part-time employees may leave or gain access to a full-time job. People sometimes pursue a career that aligns more closely with a personal passion, such as working with children or animals.

When conditions sour with a current employer or in a current position, people look for new jobs. Some companies have limited upward mobility, causing a worker to explore other opportunities. Boredom or stress with a job limits an employee's performance and enjoyment on a job. In some cases, a new position may bring a spark and reduce the stress load.

Some people relocate to be closer to family or to live in a more desirable area. A person may look for a new job after a spouse gets a new job in a different area as well. More flexible scheduling to fit work-life balance expectations is also a common motive.

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