How Do You Find a Realtor?

Some tips to find a realtor include to talk to previous clients, check his or her license, look for awards and ask questions. Stop in a local realtor's office or take in a few open houses to begin the search.

A positive relationship with a good realtor is pivotal when a person is looking to buy a new home or sell his existing one. Following a few simple steps makes it easy to find the right person.

Step 1: Get some referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out how happy or unsatisfied previous clients were with their experience. Ask the realtor for a list of what she has sold in the past year and contact the homeowners for their opinion.

Step 2: Investigate the realtor's license and search for awards

Each state has a state board responsible for licensing and disciplining real estate agents. Check the regulatory agency to see if the agent is licensed and if he or she has had any disciplinary action against them or if they have won any awards. If the agent has received any awards such as "Realtor of the Year," that is a positive sign.

Step 3: Ask questions

Interview the agent as if he or she is applying for a job. Some topics include:

  • experience in the area
  • services offered
  • the fees, if any
  • the marketing strategy for the home