What Is a Real-Time Stock Tracker?


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A real-time stock tracker is a computer or mobile application that provides investors with market data and information about how their portfolios are doing at that exact moment, without any delays, according to Bankrate. The apps must be synced with the investor's portfolio to work properly. Depending on the particular program, this is accomplished by coordinating the program with the investor's portfolio through a Web service or by manually entering the stocks.

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A portfolio tracker is a real-time stock tracker that also provides information on an investor's mutual funds, exchange traded funds and options, states USA Today. Some portfolio trackers show all of an investor's investments on a single dashboard to give an accurate, real-time picture of how the portfolio is doing as a whole. Although programs vary, some common features include providing customized analyses of investments and automatically pulling in new investment data from brokerage accounts. Another use for real-time stock trackers is to monitor stocks for general information and future investment possibilities. Monitoring a selected list of stocks and bonds also helps someone who is not an investor to learn about the stock market.

The ability to manage multiple portfolios and up-to-the-second updates are a few of the real-time stock tracker features listed by Bankrate. Push notifications keep investors alert to increases and decreases in prices, and mobile access helps investors make decisions on the go.

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