What Is a Real Estate Introduction Letter?

A real estate introduction letter is a way to get recognition in the communities where the Realtor offers his services. The letter introduces the Realtor, his brokerage and how to get in contact with him if the client is looking to buy or sell his home.

A real estate introduction letter is a marketing tool that can be used by a Realtor to get his name out in the community and generate new leads. The letter should be written so that the receiver wants to open it and not toss it in the trash as junk mail. It should contain information on how to contact the agent, along with hours of availability. Real estate introduction letters are a good way to gain new clients and increase sales.

An effective letter should be well-written and have information about the Realtor's website so the potential prospect can look at available properties. The letter should also contain a checklist for first-time home buyers or sellers about buying or selling a home.

Lastly, the Realtor should present themselves as an industry expert to the potential client and as a source of valuable information. The letter should encourage a prospect to contact the Realtor to get more information on the process of buying or selling a home.