What Real Estate Forms Are Available for Free?


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Many of the real estate forms available for free online include purchase forms, property deeds, property lien forms, lease agreements and tenant forms. These forms, along with many others, are available through sites such as Free-Real-Estate-Forms.com, TotalRealEstateSolutions.com, AllLaw.com, USLegalForms.com and LawDepot.com, as of 2015.

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Free-Real-Estate-Forms.com organizes its free real estate forms according to the intent of the form, such as forms for renting a property versus selling a property. Each category on the site includes different forms and documents along with links to access other sections of the site. For example, the section for Purchase Agreement Forms includes offer forms, counter-offer forms and option to purchase forms.

Similarly, TotalRealEstateSolutions.com collects its forms on a single page with groupings for forms used in specific circumstances. Each form on the site includes spaces so the user can enter in specific details relevant to the property and her situation.

AllLaw.com offers less organization to its free real estate forms but does offer descriptive titles that explain the general purpose for the form. USLegalForms.com offers brief explanations of each form and advises users to ensure that the forms are in compliance with applicable state laws. LawDepot.com allows its users to create free copies of certain real estate forms according to the exact requirements of different states.

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