What Does a Real Estate Broker Do?

The job duties of a real estate broker are actually very similar to the duties of a real estate agent. However, a real estate broker is eligible to become licensed for managing her own business. A real estate broker can open her own office and employ other real estate agents.

Brokers can also work independently and perform all the same job duties as a real estate agent. They represent clients during the buying and selling processes involved in real estate transactions and are responsible for listing and marketing their clients' properties. If a real estate broker is representing a buyer, they are then responsible for finding properties and showing them to the client. In both cases, a real estate broker negotiates the best deal for their client, whether it is the highest price for the seller or the lowest price for the buyer.

Real estate brokers who have their own office may also manage real estate agents. They are responsible for handling the procedures necessary to get a specific property listed and may be required to step in if an agent is having difficulty. Real estate agents typically pay a percentage of their commission to the broker that they work for.