What Are Some Real Estate Agencies That Specialize in Farm Land?

Real estate agencies that sell farm land include Farm and Land Realty, Inc., Dee's Country Places Realty, Inc. and United Country Real Estate. Smaller real estate agencies offer farm land listings in regional areas or in a specific state. Larger real estate agencies showcase farm land for sale from around the country. Farm land real estate listings include farm homes, farm buildings and the number of acres attached to the property.

Farms for sale found at real estate agency websites are often family farms, but corporate farms might also be among the listings. Categories of farms that are up for sale include dairy farms, which produce milk, orchard farms with rows of fruit- or nut-producing trees and truck farms that grow vegetables. Organic farm land is a good choice for farmers seeking to grow fruit and vegetables without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Real estate agencies that specialize in selling farm land are knowledgeable about farming issues such as water availability and soil conditions. Novice farmers should investigate a potential farm property for adequate sunlight, water and the cost of irrigation. A soil test might also be needed to detect the presence of heavy metals and other materials in the soil. Farm land purchases usually include barns, corrals and fencing located on the property.