What Are Some Real Estate Agencies in and Around the Dallas Area?

Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and United Real Estate are three real estate agencies that operate in and around Dallas, Texas. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is an agency that specializes in luxury homes in the area. These four agencies have websites where individuals can locate real estate in Dallas.

Coldwell Banker provides profiles and contact information for individual realtors around the Dallas area, as well as a list of local and nearby Coldwell Banker offices. Users can search for houses in Dallas by using the website's search engine, or by browsing through the list of Dallas homes. Century 21 provides a search engine, list and map of Dallas homes on its website. The site also has an Agents tab and Offices tab for viewing individual agents and offices. Agent entries include photos, names, addresses, email and phone numbers.

United Real Estate's website has an About tab where users can click on the Find An Agent link to find agents. It also offers an advanced search engine where users can enter an MLS number, city, ZIP code, price range and property type. There are also special web pages for foreclosures and luxury homes. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate's website has Dallas home listings, open house schedules and an online magazine of luxury homes.