How Do You Read a NY Stock Exchange Live Ticker?

Stock exchange tickers tend to read with letters, numbers and symbols; generally, the letters represent a specific company's stock ticker symbol while the numbers and symbols indicate how many shares have traded at what price and the change that price represents, whether higher or lower than the previous price, as reported by Investopedia. Tickers produce information when a stock price changes, and the symbols on a stock ticker typically include both an up and a down arrow to indicate that a stock price has risen or fallen since the close of the stock exchange on the previous day. These arrows may be monochrome or in two different colors, often green for a price raise and red for a price fall, indicated by an upward and downward arrow, respectively.

In order to successfully read a live stock ticker, it is important to know a company's stock ticker symbol. A ticker symbol often represents something about the company's name, as seen on For example, 3M has an NYSE ticker symbol of MMM, while Aetna Inc. is represented by AET.

After the ticker symbol, the ticker will read a number, often in a small font, a letter that represents thousands (k) millions (m) or billions (b), and an at symbol. This indicates the number of shares sold. The numbers that follow include the price at which those shares traded, an arrow indicating the price movement direction, and a number indicating the value of the change.