How Do You Read Medical Billing Forms?


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When reading medical billing forms, be sure to mark any line items that feature confusing acronyms or titles, says ExpertBeacon. Your health provider’s financial office can clarify the meaning of these items. Separate medical charges by date to better understand how each charge links to a corresponding procedure or service.

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When reading medical bill, be aware that one procedure can produce multiple invoices from multiple organizations, reports ExpertBeacon. Clearly identify the source of each bill to avoid confusion. Before accepting medical treatment, find out the names of the billing parties.

Scrutinize medical bills to determine whether your insurer has paid for your procedures, denied payment or asked for additional information before making final decisions, suggest ExpertBeacon. If you receive a medical billing form with an enormous total, do not obsess over the total sum due. Instead, focus on smaller details that may reveal billing errors. If you have doubts about any medical service or billing charge, contact your doctor promptly.

Just because you are billed a certain amount, do not assume you are responsible for paying the entire amount, advises ExpertBeacon. Many health providers offer charity programs, special discounts or monthly payment plans to help you meet your financial obligations.

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