How Do You Find the Rate of Exchange Between Australian and American Currency?


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To find the rate of exchange between Australian and United States dollars, navigate to a site offering up-to-date exchange rates via tables or calculators. Yahoo Finance offers an easy-to-use currency converter that lets visitors enter the currency amount in U.S. dollars and convert it to any otherworld currency, including Australian dollars, states its website. X-Rates offers a currency rate table with current exchange rates between the dollar and other currencies, including the Australian dollar, euro, Indian rupee, British pound and Swiss franc.

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To use Yahoo Finance's currency converter, enter the amount to be converted in U.S. dollars in the box on the left of the converter, states its website. Choose the type of currency for conversion from the box on the right by using the pull-down menu. Once an amount is entered in the "Please enter an amount" box on either side of the converter, the tool populates the exchange between the two currencies. For example, entering "$100" into the box on the left and selecting USD from the first menu and AUD from the second menu shows a conversion to AUD in the amount of $89.4963, as of September 7, 2015.

The table on X-Rates shows the current conversions between the dollar and other currencies. Read down the columns to see the dollar's amount in comparison to other top currencies.

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