How Do You Raise Pledges for a Fun Run?


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There are a few different approaches to raising pledges for a "fun run," including soliciting pledges from friends and family members through phone calls or emails, as reported by Ultra Fun Run. Fun run organizers can offer their participants a script to use when making solicitation phone calls and can also provide an email form for pledge volunteers to fill out. Some fundraising systems rely on an online database that allows fun run participants to enter in pledge volunteers and the corresponding amounts they have pledged.

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It helps to have some sort of physical tool for fun run participants to use in raising pledges. This tool can take the form of a paper pledge form, which can include information about what the funds raised will be used for and space for the pledge volunteer to indicate how much money they are pledging and whether this is a flat donation or based on a certain distance, states PTOToday.com.

It is possible for organizations that want to host a fun run to hire a third-party company to handle the fundraising and fun run planning process. These companies may offer premade websites that allow fun run participants to enter in pledge information. Professionals in this area may have advanced knowledge on factors, such as tax deductions, that may help encourage people to become pledge volunteers and donate money to the fun run.

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