How Do You Raise Your Credit Score?


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To improve your credit score, review your credit report, dispute any discrepancies, pay off overdue debt, leave paid-off accounts opened, and pay all bills in a timely fashion. Professional assistance is also available to help improve your credit score.

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  1. Review your credit report

    Obtain a copy of your credit report, and review it carefully. Ensure that all the information provided on your credit report is true and correct and that it matches your records.

  2. Dispute the discrepancies

    If your credit report contains information that is different from your personal records, follow the steps to dispute the discrepancies.

  3. Pay all past-due debt

    Using your credit report and personal records, determine what is overdue, and pay off all past-due debt. Your debts make up 30 percent of your total credit score.

  4. Leave accounts opened

    After paying off past-due accounts, leave them open. Having open accounts in good standing, even if the balance is zero, can improve your credit score.

  5. Pay all bills on time

    Pay all of your bills on or before the due date. Paying your bills on time helps demonstrate your credit worthiness and increases your credit score over time.

  6. Seek professional assistance

    Credit counseling services are available to help with credit issues, such as raising your credit score. The telephone number for credit counseling services is located on credit card statements.

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