How Do You Raise Black Angus Cattle?


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To raise black Angus cattle on a small farm, plan to have 2 acres of grazing land available per cow, or plan to give the cows extra feed, including hay and commercial feed, if they're grazing in a smaller area. Fence the pasture area, and install a chute or other restraining device to use for emergencies. Install stock tanks in the pasture and near shelters to provide the cows clean water.

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To care for new calves, feed the calves colostrum if the mother is available. If the mother cow rejects the calf or can't feed it for other reasons, milk the mother cow to collect the colostrum, or collect colostrum from another cow. Using a bottle or bucket, feed the calf for 10 to 12 weeks before weaning it.

Veterinarians typically dehorn and castrate young cows. Contact the veterinarian for assistance if the cows become ill, and have the cows examined on a regular basis to ensure they're healthy.

Provide adult cows up to 20 gallons of water daily. To ensure the cows are comfortable around humans, give the cows feed on a regular basis. Install a sturdy fence to keep the cows in the desired area, and use electrical fencing as needed to reinforce traditional fencing.

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