What Are Some Railroad Employment Opportunities?


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Some types of railroad job opportunities include railroad conductor, locomotive engineer and railroad brake operator. Other jobs working with railroads include train dispatcher, yardmaster, signal or switch operator, or track maintenance worker. Railroad jobs are available with three primary types of railroads: urban transit, passenger railroads and freight railroads.

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The railroad conductor, who has an important job, is responsible for not only conducting the train but also managing other train staff. The conductor fills out accident reports, schedules maintenance, trains employees and makes sure passengers are comfortable.

Someone who wants to be a locomotive engineer needs to have excellent mechanical skills as engineers perform safety inspections, look at the load weight and physics of trains and tracks, and look for signs of issues with instruments.

Operators working for railroads include railroad brake operators, signal operators and switch operators. The railroad brake operator helps with coupling and uncoupling cars and operating some of the switches. The signal operator works on all signals of a railroad and in the yards. The track switches are primarily controlled by a switch operator. A train dispatcher communicates with these different operators and other staff at the railroad, including overseeing movements of the trains and looking at the assigned locations.

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