How Does Quicken Bill Pay Work?

How Does Quicken Bill Pay Work?

Quicken Bill Pay enables users to pay multiple bills simultaneously from up to 10 accounts at different banks via the Quicken Bill Pay interface. The online bill pay service functions independently or integrates with Quicken personal finance software.

Quicken Bill Pay costs approximately $10 per month, which covers 20 free bill pay transactions and roughly $3 for each additional five bill pay transactions, as of 2016. The online interface delivers email notifications when bills arrive, displays full bill details and pays late fees up to about $50 if Quicken Bill Pay fails to pay a bill on time.

When integrated with Quicken personal finance software, Quicken Bill Pay automatically transfers all bill payments made online into Quicken software. Quicken Bill Pay offers the features of setting repeat payments or scheduling payments up to one year in advance.

Accessing Quicken Bill Pay via Quicken software or online is a three-step process. Users of online Quicken Bill Pay need to visit, enter a user identification and a password. Clicking My Bills retrieves bills for viewing, and clicking Make a Payment retrieves a list of potential payees. Paying a bill requires selecting a payee, entering an amount and a date, and clicking Make Payments.

Quicken Bill Pay is a product of Intuit, which is the company that produces TurboTax.