What Is a Quick Way for a Kid to Earn Money?


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Starting a lawn service in the neighborhood is a great way for kids to make money. In the spring, summer and fall, mowing, edging and weedeating bring in money, followed by raking leaves later in the fall and shoveling snow in the winter. Customers pay at the time of service.

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What Is a Quick Way for a Kid to Earn Money?
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Making flyers and sticking them to front doors all over the neighborhood is the bulk of the marketing required for this sort of business. If the neighborhood has a newsletter or the homeowner's association has a website, it's worth inquiring about including the details about this new local business.

It's amazing how quickly unwanted stuff piles up around a house. The good news is that the kids can pile it up on a table in the driveway and hold a garage sale, bringing in some instant cash while getting rid of clutter at the same time. They can make their garage sale even more lucrative by joining forces with friends and holding a larger one together.

Kids who are old enough to babysit (state laws vary on this, so it's important to check first) can gain certification through the Red Cross, which holds classes in most major metropolitan areas for a fee. After building a relationship of trust with several local families, kids who want to babysit usually have more work than they can handle.

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