What Are Some Questions on a Workman's Comp Waiver?


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In certain states, a Workers Compensation Coverage Waiver form is completed in cases when individuals seek permission to waive their rights to be covered by the Workers Compensation insurance, according to the Utah Labor Commission. The Utah Workers Compensation Waiver form is completed by an independent contractor, sole proprietor or partnership engaged only to perform specific tasks, and asks questions about the business name, length of time in business, license number, business insurance policy, banking institution, and tax entity number.

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The Utah Workers Compensation Coverage Waiver can be completed online at the Labor Commission website and requires the submission of supporting documents, such as copies of an insurance policy. In Florida, independent contractors and businesses can complete a Notice of Election to be Exempt which is available online at MyFloridaCfo.gov. The state of Virginia does not have any standard waiver form, according to the Virginia Worker's Compensation Commission.

Worker's compensation laws and procedures vary by state, according to FindLaw.com, which provides a list of links to the laws and forms available in each one. Worker's compensation insurance is a mandated form of insurance coverage that protects employees if they are injured on the job, and protects employers from lawsuits for negligence.

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