What Are Some Questions Someone Should Review Before Taking a Civil Service Exam?

The type of questions that should be studied for a civil service exam will vary because not everyone takes the same test, but it is recommended that test takers use the Internet to search the test subjects that will be listed on the test announcement. There are no official test guides or study materials put out by the various state test commissions, but some states do offer limited test materials on their state websites, notes the Schoharie County, N.Y. website. Other agencies recommend checking with the local library for suggestions and study material on the test subjects.

Anyone who is looking for study information for the civil service test may be able to find information through local unions. Many of the civil service jobs have unions and they provide information that they have put together to assist test takers. The few study guides that are generally found for civil service exams are for postal positions, clerical or law enforcement. Some civil service tests will include a typing test.

The test announcements will indicate the passing testing speeds and skills, so that test takers can work on their skills, notes the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission. For tests that have essay or oral sections, test takers should practice speaking on the subjects on the test announcements or writing practice essays. The only part of a civil service test, if it is included, that someone does not have to study for is the experience and training sections because they are taken directly from the test takers resume and they receive full credit for them.