What Questions Should Someone Expect During an Interview?

Some of the most common questions a person should expect during an interview include why he left his last job, the salary he desires, what his past salary was and why he would excel at a specific job. The interviewer might also ask the interviewee to describe his weaknesses. Knowing the answers to these questions before they are asked helps the interviewee be more prepared.

The reason a person left his last job can be used to determine if he is a poor performer, a troublemaker or if he does not like remaining with a company for very long. This question should be answered succinctly and honestly, because a hiring manager may run a reference check. Interviewees should research the market rate for the job to which they are applying to determine a salary range. Doing so is better than giving an "off the cuff" answer and makes the interviewee more prepared.

An interviewer can ask how much a person made in the past to determine what he should be earning currently. An interviewee might not be comfortable divulging his salary history. In this instance, he can answer this question by telling the interviewer his range of salary expectations.

Asking why a job candidate is a good fit for a specific job position helps the candidate to stand out from other qualified individuals. For this question, the interviewee can use examples from his past work history to demonstrate his qualifications.