What Questions Should a Senior Citizen Ask When Choosing a Health Care Plan?

Questions a senior citizen should ask when choosing a health plan include the costs involved with a plan, if he has to choose medical providers and a hospital from a network and if his current physician accepts the new plan. The individual should also ask what rating the plan has.

Costs involved with a health care plan include premiums, deductibles, prescription drugs and hospital stays. A senior citizen should also figure out how much of his funds he can devote to health care so he can determine how much of a plan he can afford.

A senior citizen should undergo a physical examination before getting coverage to determine if he has any pre-existing conditions that may make it more difficult to secure coverage. Even if the individual is over the age of 65 and qualifies for Medicare, there's still a chance he may want a supplemental insurance plan to cover any expenses or pre-existing conditions not covered by Medicare.

A senior citizen should also ask if his employer and any organizations he's a member of if they offer health insurance. Group insurance plans are often less expensive than individual insurance plans. Organizations for senior citizens like the AARP can provide leads as to where to secure senior citizen health care plans.