What Questions Should I Ask When Inquiring About a Job?

When inquiring about a position, the questions that should be asked vary depending on timing. When setting up an interview, important questions pertain to position availability and the time between an application being placed and an interview being held. At an interview, questions about position duties are best.

When applying for a job or attempting to set up an interview, the applicant should ask if the position is available, what the application process is like and how long she should wait before contacting the employer to find out if she will be given an interview. At the end of the interview, the applicant should ask about company culture and structure. These give her a better indication of what her work life will be like and how she will be expected to be a part of it.

After that, she should ask how long her position has been around and why the person who used to fill the role no longer does. Knowing that the prior person filling the position retired after 30 years is just as important as knowing that the prior person went back to school or that the position is new. The last thing she wants to ask is how a typical day goes, so that she can prepare for the work she will be doing.