What Questions Are on the Real Estate License Test?


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The types of questions that might appear on a real estate license test depend on the state issuing the license and the type of test being taken. As a result, practice tests are generally based on where the applicant applies for a license.

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What Questions Are on the Real Estate License Test?
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The real estate market is complex, and various laws and regulations add to this complexity. As a result, states typically require real estate professionals to demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge to ensure that their clients receive the help they need. Questions typically cover basic real estate terms agents are likely to encounter.

Agents must also demonstrate their ability to understand and interpret laws relevant to their work. Because so much of real estate law is open to interpretation, real estate agents are typically expected to understand the nuances that have real-world affects. Joint tenancy, for example, can make it difficult to determine who can make decisions about a property, and real estate agents need to know how courts are likely to interpret complex cases.

In addition to testing, many areas require prospective real estate professionals to take courses. In New York, for example, applicants must attend 75 hours of coursework for a real estate salesperson license and 120 hours for a real estate broker's test, although some people might be eligible for waivers based on past experience. In addition, professionals must take periodic continuing education courses.

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