What Are Some Questions for a Hostile Work Environment Investigation?

Questions for a hostile work environment investigation should focus on obtaining as many details as possible from the party filing the compliant as well as from the allegedly offending parties. These can include requests for physical proof of the actions as well as times and dates of infractions. The investigation should also seek confirmation from witnesses and discover the official company policies as applicable.

The process for conducting an investigation into a hostile workplace claim may vary slightly depending on the nature of the situation, with some types of hostility, such as sexual harassment, calling for special care or the protection of the claimant’s identity. As such, the first phase should begin with an interview of the party filing the claim to understand the exact nature of the problem, when it began and the affects it had on the person. The investigator should document all the details of the claimant in order to build a time line of events and identify what areas need confirmation from other sources.

The investigator must interview all parties that appear in the claim, including witness and participants in the hostility. When speaking with the offending party, the interview should ask him to explain the events in question according to the initial claim and to clarify the behaviors and activities in detail. The investigator should ask all parties for proof to support the claims, such as emails or copies of security tapes.