What Are Some Questions for a Business or Customer Survey?

What Are Some Questions for a Business or Customer Survey?

An effective business or customer feedback survey lets a business owner know about client engagement and level of satisfaction. Questions can cover general attitudes towards the company or focus on specific issues, such as wait times on telephone help lines.

Questions should be tailored to the type of business and also the type of transaction. The client may be a consumer or another business, which will affect the approach and type of questions asked. It is important to first determine the type of information required and also to take into account the amount of time the respondent will need to take to answer.

Questions may revolve around several different issues.

  • Customer satisfaction with service, staff and support structures, such as a phone line or website
  • Choice and selection of merchandise
  • Will the customer use the company's service again or refer the company to a friend or colleague?

For the most useful data, specific questions should be used. Rather than ask simple yes or no questions, it is more useful to ask the respondent to rate and assign how value; for example, a good survey will ask not just whether or not the customer thought the sales representative was knowledgeable, but also whether he or she was very knowledgeable, barely knowledgeable, or somewhere in the middle. A series of levels of satisfaction can be gauged on a numerical rating scale.