What Questions Will Be Asked for a Vice Principal's Interview?


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Possible questions asked during a vice principal's interview include "What are your primary goals?" and "How do you handle upset teachers, worried parents and disconnected students?" Further potential questions revolve around hypothetical situations in which job candidates must explain how they would react to an issue.

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Interview questions also tend to address questions of discipline and may be phrased like "How have you handled discipline in the past?" or "What discipline mistakes have you learned from?"

The purpose of asking about primary goals is to discover if a prospective assistant principal's focus or goals match with those of the school and principal. The question also provides insight into the priorities of a job candidate. Possible answers could center on increasing access to technology, more community participation or better meeting state benchmarks.

Asking what a job candidate might do about upset teachers, worried parents and disconnected students allows interviewers to get an idea of a candidate's skills in relationships, communication, empathy, patience and negotiation. If a prospective assistant principal has experience in those types of situations, he should point out positive outcomes in past situations.

Hypothetical situations can be about issues like curriculum, legalities and relationships with students' family members. An answer should quickly highlight the root of the problem and be a response that demonstrates nuanced thinking and expertise.

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