What Questions Are Asked on a CPR Test?


Sample questions on the written portion of the CPR test include “What is the first link in the adult ‘chain of survival?'” and “What is the proper hand position when performing chest compressions on a 6-year-old?” The CPR test consists of two parts, written and skills.

Questions on the written exam fall into three categories; the first category covers questions testing recall of facts. The second category involves scenario-based questions, which describe a situation and then ask the student to apply learned skills or concepts. Often the multiple-choice answers for scenario-based questions have more than one answer that is factually correct, but only one of which best fits the situation. The third category of questions asks the student to provide facts in response to a scenario, sometimes through a two-part question. The correct answer must be correct for both parts of the question.

The student needs to know a few key numbers for the written test. Give 30 compressions for every two breaths for a child and 15 compressions for every infant. Push down an adult's chest 2 inches during compressions and give breaths over 1 second.

Many questions focus on the first step to take or what the next step is if a certain step has already been taken; these questions test recall of the order of circulation, airway and breathing. The correct answer to any questions about the safety of the person performing CPR is for that individual to remove themselves from danger and notify emergency responders.