What Questions Do You Ask in an Interview?

In a job interview, it is critical to ask questions regarding the company, the position's history, the department the position is part of, the job's responsibilities, the job's expectations and the next steps in the interview process. These types of questions serve two purposes. They show the employer that the applicant is interested and engaged in the interview process and allow the applicant to determine if the job is suitable.

It is also important to ask about what the firm considers its most valuable assets and how the interviewer rates the competition. Questions about the position's history are key because they give the applicant insight into his potential for advancement. Position history questions include questions about why the position is vacant and the strengths and weaknesses of the person who last held the position. To understand the company's culture and hierarchy, it is helpful to inquire about where the department fits into the companies overall structure.

The applicants understanding of job responsibilities can be enhanced by asking for an explanation of the most important skills and attributes for the job. Expectations can be clarified by asking how evaluations are conducted. For the applicants own information and to show interest in the job, it is important that he ask about the next steps in the interview process.