What Are Some Questions to Ask a Bookkeeper?


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When interviewing a bookkeeper for a position, ask questions about which legal bookkeeping requirements the individual is familiar with, past bookkeeping experience, specific bookkeeping systems the applicant has used in the past and inquiries regarding their problem-solving skills. A bookkeeper should also be asked about the amount of previous interaction with clients and vendors, as well as the type of schedule desired. Consider asking how the bookkeeper has handled difficult situations in the past.

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Asking a bookkeeper open-ended questions gives the interviewer the opportunity to find out more about him and whether he'd be a good fit for the company and a particular position. Knowledge-based questions provide a chance to see the educational background and certification requirements applicants possess. Specific knowledge-based questions may ask that the bookkeeper define a process or demonstrate knowledge of accounting fundamentals.

Questions regarding work experience help interviewers understand how well a bookkeeper is able to use knowledge learned in school and on the job. Such questions can also gauge whether the person is ready to take on tasks related to the job for which he is being interviewed. Questions related to soft skills give companies an idea of if the applicant can multitask and communicate effectively with employees, vendors, internal business partners and others.

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